Wednesday, April 10, 1996 6:00a.m.

Dear Diary, I’m sitting here in the cold! On March 20th, the first day of Spring, we had a wind chill factor of 3 degrees and 6″ of snow on the ground. That night the fuel for our oil furnace ran out. I didn’t call the oil man to fill it because Spring is here and we don’t have the money anyway. But here it is April 10th and the house is still cold. This is one winter that just won’t die. For the past month we’ve been heating the house with the oven and a small kerosene heater. Well, last night the oven blew up. I guess it was just on too long. The kerosene heater isn’t enough to heat the house because it is 22 degrees out. It is so cold for April. Isn’t Spring to bring warm weather? Yet, Lord, even as I sit here in the cold my heart is warm and I’m overwhelmed with praise for you and your goodness to me and my family. I can see your loving hand on our family all the way through. Please Lord, be with Marvin and give him physical strength to endure the long hours he works in order to bring in the money for the family. He faithfully goes to work everyday. He works so hard and sacrifices for us so I can stay  home and homeschool the boys. I believe that homeschooling is the number one factor that nurtured their faith in God; that helped mold their godly character;  that installed self-motivation and their over-achieving attitudes; and that developed in each of them a personality of caring, giving, and a willingness to help others. When the boys were small, and even now, I always prayed that the Lord would stamp them with the mark of Christ, and that He would sow seeds of righteousness in their hearts so that when it was time for that seed to come forth it would produce godliness. Thank you God for allowing me to stay home and homeschool my children and to raise them up in the ways for the Lord. Please use them for your purposes and for your glory. Help them fulfill the purpose for which they were born.

Thought for today:  Success is raising godly children.  As parents, you need to pray that God uses your children for His purposes and for His glory. You need to Pray for God to guide them in the paths of righteousness for His name sake. Pray that God builds them up in the faith and puts a hedge of protection around them, and keeps them from straying from the Lord. I always pray, “Lord, as Hannah gave you Samuel, so I give you my children.” May you do the same.


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