Sunday, July 7, 1996 2:00 p.m.

Dear Diary,
This Sunday our Pastor’s sermon was, “What motivates a believer?” It touched my heart deeply. Earlier, on August 27, 1995, I make a commitment to be faithful to the Lord by singing in the choir. I wrote in my bible, “Lord, today I joined the choir. I am making a commitment to be faithful.” Well, just this week I decided to quit because the choir practice took up a lot of time I didn’t feel I had. But after hearing today’s sermon I rededicated myself to serving the Lord by singing in the choir. There are lots of things I can’t do, but I can sing. So, what motivates a believer? I Corinthians 15:58 says that we are to be, “stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord…” Our motivation for serving the Lord needs to be out of love, not duty. We are to remain loyal to the ministry God has called us to. At this time in my life choir is my ministry from the Lord. Oswald Chambers wrote, “Have I received a ministry from the Lord? If so, I have to be loyal to it, to count my life precious only for the fulfilling of that ministry.” Lord, help me remember my commitment to be faithful and count it a joy to serve thee.

Thought for today:  Have you received a ministry from the Lord? If so, you need to be steadfast and faithful to that ministry.

Today: January 12, 2014:  After hearing Pastor’s sermon that Sunday morning on July 7, 1996, I stayed faithful and sang in the choir for fifteen years. Then on September 15, 2010, I was hit by a car while walking as a pedestrian. It took me a year to heal from that accident and it caused me to lose some sight in my left eye making  it difficult to see and to drive at night. Due to this accident I have quit singing in the choir. But God has given me a new ministry. My new ministry is writing my Devotional Series called “Diary of the Heart.” Lord, help me remain faithful in serving thee by writing my devotionals. I have completed a one year devotional series consisting of twelve/thirty day devotionals entitled “Diary of the Heart.” I have started my second yearly devotional series entitled “My Heart’s Surrender.” If you would be interested in obtaining one of these devotionals you can email me at I sell each devotional  for $5.00 plus shipping.


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