Fill my cup, Lord

Saturday, December 6, 1997 10:30 a.m.

Dear Dairy,

I went to a Ladies Victorian Tea party. Each lady was to bring their own tea cup. We had such a lovely time. On the way home I started thinking how each one of us are like those tea cups. We are all different shapes and size, but yet, we are all useful to the master. Sometimes we feel a little cracked, chipped or broken. God wants to mend our cracks and chips, and He wants to put our broken pieces back together. Once we are touched by the Master potter’s hand we are made whole again. God wants to fill us, but if we are too full of ourselves, He first has to empty us before He can fill us with Himself. God wants to use us, but He needs a clean vessel. You wouldn’t want to drink out of a dirty cup. Likewise, God won’t use a dirty vessel. Each one of us will be used by God in different ways. We will all have different trials, heartaches, and pain, but each one will be used for the Master’s purpose. God wants to fill us to overflowing with Himself and be used for His glory.

Thought for Today: Allow God to mend your cracks and chips and heal your broken heart. Keep yourself pure as a clean vessel to be used by God. Ask God to fill you with Himself. “Here’s my cup, Lord. Fill it up, Lord.”


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