God’s Painting

Monday, March 23, 1998  8:30 a. m.

Dear Diary,

I was feeling somewhat down and a little sad this morning until I looked outside. My mouth dropped open in awe. It was snowing! No, not the ordinary kind of snow, but huge puffy snowballs. You know, the kind photographers run out and take pictures of for their calendars. The scene was so beautiful and the snow was falling so quiet and gentle that I opened the door and just stood there mesmerized as if in a dream. I could hear birds chirping in the distance, the grass was Easter green, and the trees were budding their purple buds. It was a more beautiful scene than any artist could ever paint. It was God’s painting. I stood there and stared at the snowflakes far in the distance.  There were billions of them falling in a continuous shower of white poke-a-dots. They all looked the same; yet, I knew that each one was different. As I stood there soaking in all the beauty around me and watching the quiet steady falling of snow, my mind marveled at how each one of these billions of snowflakes were totally different and unique. Each one had its own characteristics and design. It made me realize how God is so immeasurably beyond us. How vast is His greatness. Just like each one of these billions of snowflakes are different, so are each one of the billions of people on the face of the earth different. Whether past, present or future, all have their own characteristics and unique personalities; yet, God knows each one. But more than that, He also knows each one’s problems, heartaches and troubles, and He is at work in them all. But still more than that, He knows each one’s thoughts even before they speak them. Wow! That’s more than I can comprehend. Thank you God for your unfathomable greatness and your inexhaustible mercy.

Thought for Today: The  greatness of God is beyond measure and His mercy extents to all. “Great and marvelous are thy works, Lord God Almighty” (Revelations 15:12).


One thought on “God’s Painting

  1. Nice description – I’m a Christian from Australia – snows only in some parts here but I’ve never seen snow. But I do live in a nice place where I admire God’s creation quite often.


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