Give Me Souls

Saturday, March 11, 2000  7:20 a.m.

Dear Diary.

Jim Elliot wrote in his diary, “Lord, give me souls or I die.” That makes me ask the question, “Lord what am I doing wrong?”  I’m not getting souls. I pray and pray for people to be saved – and nothing comes of my prayers. I see no fruit. But then I think of the man who led Dwight L. Moody to the Lord. What an impact for Christ he made by leading just that one person to the Lord. So I guess we will never know the impact of our prayers until we get to heaven. Lord, help me be more powerful in my prayer life and make a difference. It seems that when you witness to people everything is fine until you mention the name of Jesus. Then they take offense. It is so sad that they can’t see the love to Christ, the one who gave himself for them. Lord, give me courage to speak your name. Amy Carmichael wrote, “If I am afraid to speak the truth, lest I lose affection, or lest the one concerned should say, “You do not understand,” or because I fear to lose my reputation for kindness; if I put my own good name before the other’s highest good, then I know nothing of Calvary love” (IF p.33). Lord, give me souls.

Thought for Today: May we continue to pray for lost souls, and may our life be a testimony as well as our words.


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