Your Testimony

Wednesday, May 31, 2000  4:00 a.m.

Dear Diary,

Eric Liddell was born in China because his parents were missionaries there. Eric started running at an early age and became a champion runner. In 1924, Eric was chosen to run in the 200 yard dash at the Olympics representing Scotland. On the way there until he found out that he was schedule to run on Sunday. Eric Liddell refused to run on the Lord’s day. This made world news. However, arrangements were made and instead of running on Sunday he was allowed to run on Monday in the 400 yard dash. This race was twice the length he have trained for; but, still he won the gold medal. Because he refused to run on Sunday he gave up the chance to win three gold medals, but I’m sure that the medals he gave up here on earth could not be compared to the medals he received in heaven. After the Olympics, Eric married a Scottish girl and they returned to China as missionaries. In 1943, when World War II broke out, his wife and their three daughters returned to Scotland while Eric remained in China. It was not long after this that he, along with 1500 other people, were put into a Japanese Prison Camp. It was there in the prison camp that Eric died at the age of 43. While he lived he was an inspiration to all. It is lives like Eric Liddell’s that count for God. So often the true warriors of the cross seem to live short lives, but they leave a powerful impact for Christ. It’s not the length of one’s life that counts, but what one does with the time he is given.

Thought for Today:  Are you living for Christ? How have you influenced others? What people’s lives have you touched? Will there be souls in heaven because of your testimony? May we live our lives for Christ.


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