Every Moment

Tuesday, August 29, 2001  3:20 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Oswald Chambers, in his book, “Abandoned to God” talks about quiet evenings in the desert, scorching hot rides on donkeys, and hearing the voices of Welch men signing in the distant in a silent desert.  It reminds me of evenings sitting on my back porch looking at the stars and listening to the crickets in an otherwise peaceful silent night.  Another day has ended.  Oswald Chamber’s said, “Welcome each day and its developments under the sovereign hand to God.”  God is in control of each day and every detail, even down to a bad hair day.  We are to accept every moment, every development, every happening as God’s will.  Accepting what each day brings, no matter what, is learning to trust God. Oswald Chamber’s unspoken motto was, “I refuse to worry.”

Thought for Today:  Lord, help us accept every occurrence as from thy hand and go on in peace knowing that You are in control.


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