A Birds-Eye View

Friday, March 22, 2002  5:30

Dear Diary,

Life is so different when you see it as one who is reading the life story of a great hero of the faith.  It is as though we see it from a birds-eye view.  I just finished reading where Hudson Taylor and his wife lost their little daughter, Gracie.  How heart-wrenching it was for them; and yet, they have been with her in heaven now for over 100 years.  The death of a loved-one is very painful and heart-breaking, but when you look at it in the light of eternity it is only a short time.  That is how God sees it – it is but a moment.  It is so important that during these difficult times we keep a godly testimony and a godly attitude.  The secret to all things godly is staying in God’s Word.  This life, with all its disappointments and heartaches, will soon be over and compared to eternity it is nothing.

Thought for Today:  “Nothing is important but that which is eternal” (Amy Carmichael).


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