The Tiny Things

Wednesday, June 12, 2002  5:20 a.m.

Dear Diary,

We never know the millions of tiny details that God has to work out before something can take place.  Just as a child has no idea of all the preparation his parents go through in order to make sure that he is fed, safe and loved.  All the child knows is that his needs are met.  In the same way, God is working across the country, around the world and throughout the universe to make sure things work out for His children.  “Dost thou think the little inch of thread of human life which thou seest, is all that there is to see?” (Amy Carmichael).  There is so much more that we do not see and have no idea that it is even taking place on our behalf. “The things that make God dear to us are not so much His great big blessings as the tiny things” (Oswald Chambers).

Thought for Today:  God’s amazing intimacy with us is shown by His care of even our smallest needs.  He is truly concerned with every detail of our lives.


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