A Weaned Child



Saturday, December 21, 2002  4:30 a.m.

Dear Diary,

In Amy Carmichael’s book “A Chance to Die” she talks about the time when a close friend of hers died, and then, soon after that a child she loved very much died. Yet, even through all this she was still able to write, “To will what God wills brings peace.”  But, then, when in that same year her mother died, she wrote, “How can I go on?”  She said that she had never known life without the support of her mother.  She felt as a child, who when weaning time came, has not known life without its unfailing source of nourishment.  Like a weaned child, Amy knew that the lesson assigned to her now was to learn to do without.  We never know what God will call upon us to endure or what lesson He will assign for us to learn, but we can rest assured that He will sustain us; for He is an ever-flowing fountain of nourishment and strength. Just as a weaned child must learn to do without, sometimes we, too, are called upon to do without.  But through God’s strength we can learn once again to say, “To will what God wills brings peace.”

Thought for Today:  If the lesson God has assigned for you to learn is to do without, turn to Jesus who is an ever sustaining source of nourishment and strength.


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