The Lock

Saturday, February 1, 2003  5:10 a.m.

Dear Diary,

My father, Rev. Mark Houseman, was born in Russia in 1908, and lived through the Russian Revolution. He wrote his autobiography called “Under the Red Star.” In the book he wrote about being on a boat going through a canal that joined the Baltic Sea to the boisterous North Sea.  This is what he wrote: “Towards evening we entered into the North Sea. Before we could make this entry there was a place known as a lock in the German, ‘Kiel.’ The boat had to wait there for about 45 to 50 minutes, as the waters were too shallow for the boat to pass through. When we came into this lock the shores were higher than our boat, but after its appointed time was up the boat stood higher than the shores. Let me apply this to our life. Many times it seems as if everything goes so fine. The world passes by us in its beauty. But, lo, there is a shallow place in life and our little bark adrift cannot go through. Then the good Lord leads us into a lock where we patiently have to wait, perhaps in beds of sickness, perhaps in sorrow. While we wait, the waters of life begin to rise and lift us up. As our little boat shot out on its way again as soon as the gates were opened, so do we launch out once more on our life’s journey, having been patiently waiting on the Lord and having taken a refill of fuel in the reading of His precious Word and prayer. We then, too, can face the stormy North Sea of Life.”

Thought for Today: If God has you in “the lock” of life, wait patiently for God’s filling and refueling.  Only then will you be able to face the rough sea that lays ahead.


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