Dig Deep

Wednesday, April 16, 2003  8:00 a.m.

Dear Diary,

We go through life with things being pretty normal.  Maybe once in a while we will have to face a great trial, but God brings us through and draws us closer to Him.  It is during these times of trial that we must stay close to God and dig deep.  We must cleave to the promises of God and dig deeper into His Word.  God’s Word is the life giving nectar to nourish our hungry soul.  God’s hand is the hand we need to hold as we walk through this valley.  As a child holds his father’s hand in complete trust, so must we hold our Father’s hand in complete confidence that if we slip He will lift us up.  Learn to dig deep, for if we dig shallow our roots are exposed and in the heat of the day we wither.  Down deep in the sod of the Word of God is cold refreshing moisture that allows our roots to grow deeper and stronger and feed on the refreshing underground Springs of God.

Thought for Today:  Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Stay in His Word.  Dig deep and grow, for out of His Word comes life giving water.


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