Beneath the Ashes

Sunday, January 4, 2004  4:10 a.m.

Dear Diary,

Pastor Leigh Crockett told us of a pine tree that never drops its pine cones for years.  Year after year it holds on to those cones.  Then, once it does finally release them, the cones are so hard that the seeds won’t fall out.  However, under tremendous heat, such as a fire, the cones release their seeds and out from beneath the ashes new life once again springs forth.  You see, God provided a remnant to grow again after the fire has destroyed.  So it is in our life.  After tremendous trials and the heat of the day, as hot as a destroying fire, God’s grace remains; and once again life springs forth.  Just like those pine cones who only release their seeds under tremendous heat, once we release all our hurts and pain, which we hold on to so tightly, the healing process begins; and out of the ashes new life springs forth and “through bleakness and desert bloom roses” (Leigh Crockett).

Thought for Today:  I will “give unto them beauty for ashes…”  (Isaiah 61:3).


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