Impending Adversity

Friday, February 13, 2004  2:30 p.m.

Dear Diary,

The most appropriate lesson came to me while I was reading Elisabeth Elliot’s book, Keep a Quiet Heart.  She wrote, “An early lesson in prayer often comes through an ordeal of fear.  We face impending adversity and we doubt the love, wisdom and power of our Father in heaven.”  Just call me “Israelite Josephine.”  I’m no different than the Israelites who, over and over again saw the power of God over their circumstances and still they murmured and doubted.  God has delivered me again and again from impending adversity and still I fear.  I guess it’s just human nature.  Things we fear will ruin and defeat us.  But they would have no power over us if we turn them over to the Father.  He knows our needs before we ask and knows ways to meet them that never even entered into our minds.  If we put our trust in Him, He shall deliver us.

Thought for Today:  Lord, give me a quiet heart, deliver me from my fears.  No wave of fear shall over come me as long as you are near.


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