Let’s Make Coffee

Friday, October 29, 2004   2:45 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Recently, I heard this story: (the author is unknown). A young girl watched her mother boil 3 pots of water.  In one pot she put carrots, in the other pot she put eggs, and into the last pot she poured coffee beans.  After 20 minutes she forked out the carrots, spooned out the eggs, and poured out the coffee.  The mother asked her daughter, “What do you see?”  The young girl answered, “I see carrots, eggs and coffee.”  The mother said, “Yes, but there is so much more that goes deeper than the obvious.  All 3, the carrots, eggs and coffee beans were placed in adverse circumstances – the boiling pots.  The carrots turned soft, the eggs turned hard, but the coffee beans gave up of themselves and made coffee.”  Only the beans changed their surroundings.  Only the beans made something good of the one thing that was pressuring it.  Only the beans turned adversity into something good.  Let us learn from the beans.  If someone or something is pressuring you, don’t become soft and wimpy like the carrots, don’t become hard-hearted like the eggs, but become poured out like the coffee beans for others to smell your sweet aroma and taste your rich flavor.

Thought for Today:  Are you a carrot, egg, or a coffee bean?


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