Standing in the Shadows

Tuesday, August 16, 2005  4:30 a.m.

Dear Diary,

One Sunday Pastor Crockett told this true story.  Robert Moffat was called to preach at a small country church for one Sunday as a guest speaker.  He prepared a message entitled “O Come Ye Men” calling men to be men of God and serve God.  However, when he got there it was only ladies.  Not the first man showed up.  But he felt called of God to preach this message, so he did.  Unknown to Robert Moffat there was a little boy in the bell tower. This little boy rang the bells every Sunday morning and then would sit up in the bell tower and listen to the sermon.  As Pastor Robert Moffat preached “O Come Ye Men” to a bunch of ladies, so he thought, God gripped the heart of this little bell tower boy.  That little boy was David Livingston and because of Robert Moffat’s sermon this little boy went on to be one of the greatest missionaries to Africa.  We never know who we are leaving an impression on.  Pastor Moffat left the church that day feeling defeated wondering why God gave him that topic to preach to a bunch of ladies, but God used it to change the heart of a little bell tower boy.

Thought for Today: As we strive to do what’s right, God may use it to touch someone standing in the shadows we never knew was there.


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