Dip It Up

Wednesday, August 17, 2005  7:40p.m.

Dear Diary,

There was a large ship, who when they were out to sea, discovered that somehow all of their fresh water had run out of the barrels, and now they were facing certain death.  They saw another ship in the distance and signaled a message saying that they needed water.  Instead of coming to help them the other ship signaled back, “Dip it up.”  The distressed ship sent several more messages saying that they needed fresh water, and still the other ship replied, “Dip it up.”  Soon the captain said to the sailors, “Lower a bucket into the ocean water.”  When they brought the bucket up it was full of fresh cold water.  The exact place they were at in the ocean had a fresh flow to water from the Amazon mountains.  Had they not heeded the message they would have died from thirst while floating in a stream of life giving fresh water.  That’s the way people are today.  They are dying in their sins while the grace of forgiveness flows beneath them.  They just must heed the message and obey.

Thought for Today:  Beneath us flows saving grace,”Dip it up.”


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